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Private Phone Sessions

“Abella knows her stuff and is quite articulate in being able to communicate it to you. She said some things that were somewhat surprising (we’ll see if these come to pass) and she helped me with the bigger picture and to resolve some issues that I have. The main thing is that between the two of us we were able to figure out what I need to do and how to be the best I can..”

“Abella has a very genuine and kind personality. It was an excellent reading especially with personality awareness & career path of self and others. Offered excellent advise regarding strategies for further spiritual development that will influnece career & relationships. Never had a phone reading before but I would definately recommend it if you are seeking further clarity in your life.” Book your Private Reading.

Current Rates

I read for professionals, celebrities, and the everyday person who no longer wants an “everyday” life.

My rates and reading options are varied and customized after your first visit with me and in many cases less than the first Discovery & Answer session. Anwhere in the world, by phone: 1 hour $135 if you have never had a session with me or it’s been longer than 1 year since your last session.

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Why by phone?

With first time clients I only do Over-The-Phone readings. This is no different and often better than an in-person session because you are not distracted by what I’m doing and I’m not distracted by your distractions. This allows you and I to focus on what you really came to see me about and not the tools and methods I use. As well, over-the-phone allows me to get into a psychic head space safely as I’m intensely empathic, telepathic, and psychic. And I would rather not read your facial expressions and body language because as a human that may alter what I say next and I would rather not do that. So after your first session you may have the option of an in-person session; however, it is not guaranteed nor is it something you may want to pursue with me.

What can I do?

Some of the private sessions I offer are: answering your questions with a focus on what you want, on-going coaching, personal or business branding, past life recall (I go under, not you — this is similar to an Akashic Records reading), business strategies, past lives, astrological analysis of your whole life, lost items (non-human), receiving messages from passed on loved ones (what they want you to hear and know). I do not do police investigations (too emotional), missing persons (maybe they don’t want to be found), answering questions about people that have nothing to do with you (naughty spying), anything where licensed professional help would be a better option, and crisis situations (appointments are necessary). I also provide an insight report or two and give a life and soul review for the first 10-15 minutes of the session. Book a session by making payment.

Asking Questions

  • both freewill and destiny exist in your reading
  • all future outcomes are only possibilities given the current condition
  • predictions are not 100% guaranteed because of free will and the powers-that-be deciding a new direction
  • open ended questions are best with words starting with: how, who, what, and why are discovery type questions
  • closed ended words starting with: will, is, can, do, and when are fortune telling type questions and elicit superficial responses
  • phrases with: “how to/do” and “what is/will” are best for learning Actions to take and the possible Outcome of a situation
  • create a list of 2-10 questions before your sessions takes place
  • code of ethics and conduct