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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When do you provide consultations?
A. My reading days and times are Tuesdays to Thursdays 12-8pm EST. In unusual circumstances, I read outside of these times and days.

Q. Do you provide in-person readings?
A. I do not provide in-person private readings anymore; however, I do offer in-person event style readings for four or more guests. Over the years, I found that your body language, facial expressions and reactions, and how you look got in the way of providing a very accurate and pure read for an extended period of time. I can offer quick readings in-person but they are usually of the light variety. Serious consultations are best provided in the comfort of my own space. In addition, I’m very empathic and psychic — extremely sensitive to the point that I only need hear voice from time-to-time letting me know if I’m on the right path or not (since I’m not 100% accurate and need to know when I have veered off into some other psychic space). Of course, I do like to dialogue as that’s a way to get the most of your session.

Q. How do I know you are available? I don’t want to make a payment and then find out you are unavailable.
A. I have set up a twitter account to inform you about my schedule as well as offer some words of occult wisdom. You can set up an account and lock your tweets so I don’t see them. I will not view the tweets of followers as I will not follow you back. This account is set up for information purposes only. If there is an unusual situation that I can’t do your reading, I’ll refund your payment or Paypal will (if paying through that secure method).

Q. I’m a first time client and I don’t know what service to choose.
A. I strongly suggest first time clients choose The Kitchen Sink Reading. This reading has everything in it and through working with your questions and interacting with you, I’ll be better able to suggest other services from there, should you desire.

Q. I haven’t had a session with you in awhile (3+ months) and I have a new things that I wish to receive insight on.
A. If you have new things to talk about, I suggest choosing The Kitchen Sink Reading. If you want to re-visit past topics, please email me so we can set up a time to talk about which consultation series would best suit your needs. If it’s been more than 18 months since your last appointment, I’ll consider you a first-time client as I’ll be redoing your charts and such.

Q. How many sessions will I need to book?
A. If you want a thorough assessment about your challenges, dreams, and whatever you’ve come to resolve as a new client, you’re looking at having at least three full length sessions. Then after we’ve covered a lot of ground, you can set up a Booster Shot session going over what we have talked about in the past. And/or you can sign up to a new service such as how to read your own cards, chart, or go deeply into your psyche to resolve long-standing problems (psychological or otherwise).

Q. How do I make an appointment?
A. You can 1. check my schedule, 2. Select a session below, 3. Make payment, 4. During payment there should be a spot for a message to me. Please CHOOSE 3 days / times, Tuesday to Thursday 12-8pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) within a one to two week period.  If you don’t see a spot to write out the times / days you want an appointment, please email me that information after payment has been made.

Q. How can I make payment?
A. Payment is accepted by credit card, Interac, in-bank deposit, cash* or cheque*. *Available to existing clients only. Please add $5.00 to your session fee. Please see information about Interac and Cash payment.

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New Empowering Services

January 15, 2012 – My new year resolution is to offer you empowering services that expand your awareness and knowledge of self and others. It’s my hope these service changes will give you the opportunity to: 1. connect deeply with yourself 2. understand yourself and others better; 2. gain clarity and direction; 3. relieve anxiety and reach your goals; 4. get much needed support and 5. get questions answered through me and through yourself. I’m also focused on making payments more flexible and have introduced Pay Delay for one-off sessions.

March 3, 2013 – I’m still in the process of creating new websites to reflect my updated expertise.  In the interim, I’ve set up a very special, special for clients.  I hope you will all take advantage of it. Look forward to working with you all again.

June 19th, 2013 — The new website is still in progress; however, visit my new Astrology website! 🙂 And check out my astro specials…

Namaste, Abella Jucy Arthur

Attention NEW CLIENTS: If you haven’t had a consultation with me before or it’s been awhile, please select The Kitchen Sink Psychic Session. This will tune me into what you may need going forward should you continue sessions with me and at the very least, this service will adequately answer many of your questions.

Services Overview

  • The Kitchen Sink Reading – I use numerology, tarot, and astrology as well as psychic information. In these readings, you can ask about anything (as long as it’s within my code of ethics to answer). After our first session with this reading, I may steer you to another service that will better fit your needs.
  • Booster Shot – Going over what we’ve already discussed before. New insights may be gleaned.
  • TarotSeek You – Find your own answers with this dynamic, deep, and innovative psychic tarot session.
  • Psychic Life Coaching – Ten powerful sessions where you achieve one goal you want to achieve.
  • The Red Carpet Astrology Consultations
    Personal – A full personality, psychological, and life analysis is available to you based on your month, day, year, location, and time of birth. Learn about what happened, is happening, and will happen to you.
    Yourself and one other – This is where we look at how your chart interacts with another chart. We look at the challenges, strengths, chemistry, and I give you some ideas on how to overcome or enhance your relationship.
  • Aspect Doctor – These sessions help you overcome long standing problems you’ve had with a specific aspect in your natal chart or I can advise on how to deal with a problematic solar return aspect.
  • Numerology – Using your date of birth, and name we gain a lot of general yet specific personal information as well as best dates to achieve certain tasks and goals. I find numerology is like an abbreviated form of astrology that doesn’t need your location or time of birth to be very accurate.

I specialize in reading your personality, basic psychology, past, present, and future details, career, love life, educational, and life pursuits.  I do not specialize in financial, legal, or health concerns.

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The Red Carpet Astrology Consultations

Discover yourself: Past, present, and future. Predictions too!


Client Astrology Fact Sheet with a picture of the horoscope worked on.

After your basic questions have been answered (the ones you came to see me about first), you can sign up to the Learn & Know sessions where I’ll begin teaching you astrology while providing a consultation / answering your questions. This is great for Learners who want to work on their own chart, as a chart can be studied for years.

Types of Personal Astrology Sessions

Natal (Birth Chart), Progressions (Maturity Reading), Solar Return (Birthday Reading), and/or Personal Transits (what’s happening in the sky and its effect — past, present, and future) Reading.

Each session is one hour. You may need two to three sessions to completely answer your questions and gain a solid grasp on the energies of the stars; however, the wealth of information you’ll learn will set you on an incredibly exciting and healing path.

If you want a complete reading and consultation of all your stars (natal, progression, personal transits, solar return, aspect doctor (one aspect)), it will take six to eight sessions; however, in one session I can give you a lot to chew on and answer 2-3 questions.

Choose Session Amount


Synastry & Composite

Astrology Sessions

Couples, Family, Co-workers, Business Partner & Relationship Consultation or Couples Counseling


Each session lasts 60 minutes. Choose Synastry & Natal if you haven’t got your natal charts done. Choose Synastry & Composite if your natal charts have already been done. Choose Synastry Only if you have already got your natals, synastry and/or composite done. This last session option is for more discussion about your relationship. A written couples report is included.

  • Get help before it’s too late
  • Working with both you AND your significant other (if possible) helps you succeed more quickly in your relationship
  • A significant other could be a friend, mother, daughter, son, co-worker, husband, wife, etc..
  • Strengths and challenges; needs and wants are identified
  • There is no wrong or right, just differences; we identify those differences and you work to harmonize them
  • Be prepared for homework and excercises

Choose Session Amount

Aspect Doctor

Once you get a handle on your natal or synastry chart, you may find yourself desiring to resolve (once and for all) challenges that have long since alluded you. This service will help you with that.

Six of your strongest challenging or spiritual aspects are delineated.  Recommendations given to solve challenges or achieve enlightenment. 12 life-changing mini weekly sessions to keep you on track $16.99 per session.

Not part of any specials, unless specifically advertised.

Deep and Enlightening Reports

These reports are best used with a 30 minute consultation, full astrology consultation, or with the Learn & Know Astrology program.

  • Astrology
  • Natal Report
  • Couples Report
  • Solar Return Report
  • Health Report
  • Money & Finances Report
  • 30 Minute Consultation + One Report

Not part of any specials, unless specifically advertised.

Select Report:

Open Invoice

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Learn & Know: Be Your Own Psychic

I am here to be YOUR wisdom guide. That means I help you access YOUR innate wisdom that has laid dormant. I awaken your self-knowledge through occult tools such as tarot and astrology.

In these sessions, you’ll learn either how to read tarot for yourself or your astrology charts. You will not be taught how to read the charts or cards of others though I can teach you that through my divination school.

During sessions you will receive answers from me as you learn how to trust YOUR own wisdom.

Not only will you save money by giving yourself your own powerful readings, you will learn a skill that will last a lifetime and get you through tough times. Anyone can learn this in the way I teach it.

With tarot, you’ll craft a series of questions and work from my book and method called TarotSeek. With astrology, you’ll learn the basics and be able to read your own charts. This will lead to making predictions and self-empowering decisions about your life.

Tarot includes my book. Purchase of tarot cards made separately. Recommendations are given. Astrology includes links to free astrology programs and information, along with charts, and reports. Homework will be assigned.

Not part of any specials, unless specifically advertised.

Learn & Know TAROT

  • Get your questions answered by me and eventually by you
  • Learn how to read tarot objectively, effectively, and impartially
  • Understand what the cards are telling you
  • Each session lasts 45 minutes
  • $90 first month set up and then $60 monthly thereafter
  • Minimum number of sessions (3), cancel subscription when you are finished learning / asking questions.

Learn & Know ASTROLOGY

  • Get your questions answered by me and eventually by you
  • Learn the basics of astrology and basic jargon
  • Learn how to read your natal, progression, solar return, synastry, composite charts and personal transits
  • Each session lasts 45 minutes
  • $100 first month set up and then $70 monthly thereafter
  • Minimum number of sessions (6), cancel subscription when you are finished learning / asking questions.

Interac Email Money Transfer or Bank Deposit

Or if you have a Canadian bank account that offers Interac Email Money Transfer, this is another way to make payment:

  1. Send an INTERAC Email Bank Money Transfer or pay by making a deposit in-branch (existing clients only).
  2. by emailing us your intent to do so (this is for Interac Email Money Transfer only)
  3. Email the password that’s used so the payment can be picked up electronically.

Cash / Cheque

Existing clients only: Cash and cheque available on a case-by-case situation and must be dropped off before your session begins.  We strongly urge seekers not to use this method (and we may not agree to it either) unless it’s the only way for you.

What are your rates based on?

My rates are based on my expertise (Certified Professional Tarot Reader who is accurate); breadth of ability (astrology, numerology, palmistry, tarot, pendulum, handwriting analysis, psychic, medium, face reading, etc); my session difference (reading (tells), coaching (asks), counseling (heals), consulting (advises), exploring (discovers), and guiding (teaches); education (business, career & work counseling, and art); outside work experience (people manager, business analyst, customer service, training manager); inside work experience (over a thousand readings — I stopped counting!! hehe); demand (there’s a lot of people who want sessions from me); availability (I’m often scheduled 1-2 weeks in advance); preparing for your first session and follow up; seriousness and dedication in providing psychic services full-time; and many more reasons. 🙂

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