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Past Lives Recall Therapy

Now Offering Past Lives Readings & Past Lives Recall Therapy!

Abella may also delve into one or more of your past lives (your birth purpose) and at other times she will look to energies beyond earth (mediumship & chanelling) to help you navigate through the often murky waters of life.

She will then answer your very important questions and concerns with concrete and practical suggestions for you to consider for your action plan.

Finally, a summary/highlights of your reading will be emailed to you with additional resources as needed.

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After going into a light trance and channeling a description of who you were, what you looked like, what you were doing in a past life, and an important vignette or life experience that still affects you today, you will begin to ask me questions that will help you better figure out why you did what you did, how this affects you in this life time and what you can do differently in this lifetime for better success.

Snippet of Past Lives Recall Session

After having enough background info, you will begin to ask questions easily and naturally that are meaningful to you:

Sample Session #1

I am just out of university, business school, and I am talking with an older man who is a successful executive of a company. He is giving me advice but he feels as if I’m not really listening…

You: What kind of advice is he giving you?
Me: He’s telling me about the game of life and how I need to learn from his mistakes.
You: Is this man my father?
Me: No, he’s just a business man.
You: Why am I not listening?
Me: You want to appear knowledgeable and strong.
and so on until the session is complete.

Sample session #2

I’m a little girl, about the age of 6 or 7 but I feel like I’m a baby so it’s hard to tell how old I am sometimes. I’m waiting patiently next to a comfy chair, on the floor, and in front of a Christmas tree. I have blonde straight hair with curls. The time period appears to be in the 1800’s. It’s about 4am in the morning and I’m waiting patiently for a special gift my mother is going to give me. I have wanted this gift for a long time. Everyone seems to love my parents and the house is quiet — no one ever yells and it’s calm but strange.

You: The girl seems happy. Is she happy?
I am just there. I’m neither happy or sad. I have learned to be quiet and wait patiently. (please ask questions directly to the girl because it gets me out of trance and is uncomfortable)
Do you know what the gift is?
It’s hard to describe. It’s something special and something my mother knows I want but I never seem to get it so I’m hoping that this year I will get it.
I really want to know what’s in the box.
I must wait patiently.
You: (The seeker starts to think on this and realizes that she has waited for her mother’s love all her life and was told to be patient and quiet (seen but not heard) while she was growing up. She also had blonde hair when young and had an affinity with the Victorian age. She felt she had made peace with her mother but then it turned out that she was displacing it onto other areas of her life and loves.)
and the session continued until it was complete.

Every seeker is going to have different questions that are personally meaningful to them and no one else and as with a psychic reading, it should have great impact on improving your life experience.

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