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Abella’s Beliefs

Abella Arthur’s Personal Belief System

on Fire!


My personal beliefs may or may not be a deciding factor in choosing me as your reader and because of this I’m giving a bit of information that may or may not help you decide if I’m the reader for you.

In any case please keep in mind that I’m a professional and honouring / respecting your beliefs is important to me.

I believe:

  • in reincarnation,
  • in soul mates and life partners,
  • that whatever is to be, is to be,
  • that we can learn from and embrace challenges,
  • that we are all one,
  • all religions have something useful to teach us,
  • in universal truths,
  • in the collective unconscious or conscious, a term Carl Jung used to identify the connectedness of people, spirit, and energy,
  • in a Creator/s which some call God, Jehovah, Allah, Goddess, G-d, YHVH, Higher Self, etc.,
  • that God is in each and every one of us at all times. In other words, we have the divine spark inside us,
  • in prayer which some call spell casting,
  • that positive visualization and power of one is valid,
  • that meditation helps improve your life and the lives around you,
  • in reciprocation and energy exchange,
  • there is no free lunch and that it’s important to work for what we want,
  • in respecting the beliefs of others,
  • in spirit, spirit guides, and angels,
  • in not providing insights that can be used to manipulate or seduce for self-serving purposes,
  • in considering the impact my statements make about other people my client wants to know about, whether they are my client or not,
  • different realms & planes of existence beyond heaven, hell, purgatory, an so on,
  • in duality yet no right or wrong,
  • in the three-fold law of harm none,
  • in The Eightfold Path
  • REBT – Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy
  • that I’m just a blip and do not know everything nor would I want too,
  • that all my ideas are not my own,
  • that I’m constantly changing, learning new things, and adapting to environment, situations, and events so I may not believe in any of this tomorrow.

In the past I practiced and studied the religions of:

  • Christianity
  • Buddhism
  • Islam
  • Wicca

I’m currently very interested in the Qabbalah and history of the reading tools I use.

Other Interesting Tidbits

I was/am Christian, Muslim, and a practicing solitary Witch .  At times I was agnostic. I examined Scientology though I never practiced it and have no interest to do so. I have also looked into Unitarian Universalism and explored Wicca. However, I have no interest in aligning myself with any religion anymore. As I grow older, I have less need for it.

Ancestrally I align with south and east Asians, native Indians of Canada (namely Mik’maq), Canadian / African blacks, and French Canadians (east coast). Recently I have been getting in good touch with my East Indian roots. Having said that, I’m so multicultural in race that I do not belong to any one group.

You may believe in and practice whatever makes you comfortable.

I view myself as multicultural and multireligious.

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