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Booking an appointment with Abella

How long does it take to get an appointment?

An appointment can take anywhere between 1 to 2 weeks. I am experienced, learned, helpful, and popular. I have three psychic businesses on the go: special events, teaching, and private sessions. I also completed a book on how to read tarot for yourself. As a Certified Professional Tarot Reader — CPTR — my peers agree that I can read at a professional level worthy of being paid.

Getting an on-demand reading from anyone right away would get my bells ringing. Since there’s only the Psychic providing the service, it would surely say the psychic isn’t actually busy which generally means they are not high in demand and that usually means that they are not committed to their craft. Be alarmed if a professional reader says they can read for you right away though it could be your lucky day as some of my clients can attest!

Having said this, there are on-demand options which cost more but allow you to interrupt my schedule and fit you into my day. I discourage doing this but if the issue is time sensitive than I will make accommodations. Back to FAQ

How is the reading or session delivered?

I only do in-person sessions with some clients whom I have already read for and I may consider email and instant message methods too. However please count on an appointment for a phone session. In other words, if you are not open to having your reading done by phone, please don’t contact me as 95% of the sessions I do is over-the-phone!

I’m surprised at how many people are worried that a phone session won’t be as good as an in-person session. So please take note:

Every reader has their own preferences and quirks. Some readers want you in-person, others by email, and still others sending a taped reading. We all have our *methods* of reading that suit our temperament, schedule, demand, lifestyle, reading ability, etc.. No one method is better than the other. It’s important for a reader to be comfortable in the environment which works best for them because that likely leads to you getting a more accurate and better session.

Here are some reasons for enjoying phone sessions over in-person sessions:

  1. Relaxation: we can be fully relaxed within our own spaces. For me, this opens up my psychic channels as I’m able to quiet my mind with more ease.
  2. Distractions: Lots of neat, interesting, and new things can get an adult being like a child. That’s actually quite a wonderful thing but not for when you want to focus on getting some serious questions and worries worked out. I have an interesting look and energy, people say, as well as lots of neat psychic doo-dad tools and methods. In the past I found the sitter to be focused too much on me and what I was doing (as well as the environment) rather than what I was saying. Voice and other energy vibrations omitted over-the-phone are plenty enough for me to zone in psychically into your issues; however, I also use tools such as Tarot, Numerology, and Astrology that are based on Ancient Wisdom and have nothing to do with being psychic. .
  3. Accuracy:  You can be guaranteed that I’m not cold reading you.  I am not taking into account your body language, facial expression, or appearance. Some would say that a phone session is more “genuine” than an in-person one.
  4. Demand: Most of us have very busy lives and feel as if we are pulled all over the place at the same time. For me, I am very busy with the three businesses that I run. I also tend to have very busy clients who don’t want to spend time to getting through traffic. They take their sessions with me seriously and don’t see it as an entertaining game. I suggest that if people want to see me in-person and are looking for an entertaining though accurate read, they book me for a special event they are having. Back to FAQ

When can I have a session?

I do private sessions Tuesday to Thursday between 12 and 8pm by phone.  I often accept on-demand requests where the time-sensitive question or direction is answered right away but the proper full session is booked at a later date. Back to FAQ

What do I need to provide to book the session?

  1. Payment. Payment is made by credit card and Interac email money transfer ONLY. A cash drop-off or cheque is fine for repeat clients.
  2. Choose three appointment dates and times that fit within my schedule (and hopefully within yours).
  3. Contact phone number. You will call me at the appointed time; however, please provide your phone number in case I need to reach you. Email is generally the preferred way of booking.
  4. Your birth date (with time and location). Your birth information is used for an astrological and numerological analysis before the actual session takes place.
  5. A great disposition. When you encounter me with an open heart and mind, you will extract so much more out of me than treating me as if I’m just another service you are getting. I’m a spiritual wisdom guide. If you want me to work for you, then please remember that I’m a human being and not just a service provider. Back to FAQ

Can I speak to you before booking?

My question: Why? This web site has been provided so that I can give as much information that you may want to know. While I run three businesses, I have a Very small office of one (me) and sometimes I have outside help but it’s for a very small percentage of the work I do but I’m always on the lookout for special people to come in and join me so if you know of someone, let me know.

Anyway, here’s my answer:

A) I don’t have time to talk to a lot of people over-the-phone who are uncertain. B) I really dislike selling and motivating people to *buy*. C) I rarely give free readings anymore and given my hectic schedule, I’m not often psychic out-of-session though I sometimes get stray stuff when the person isn’t expecting anything.* D) I find that talking before an appointment dilutes the power of the actual session. I don’t want to get vibes from you when we are not fully in the session as I won’t have time to fully address what I’m getting. E) I’m a healer but I don’t get paid enough to sell you my services and heal your spirit at the same time.  If you’re not in a good space, I’ll probably make you feel worst if you’re expecting me to brighten your day with a sales call!

* Which is by the way a universal law. If you come with an open mind about what you might receive, you will find yourself being pleasantly surprised at what you do get. Whereas the flip side, if there’s a focus and expectation on what you want to hear or receive, you are likely to be disappointed. It’s just how the universe balances things in this topsy-turvy world of ours.

With that, sometimes (if I’m having a light day) you may be able to talk to me before an appointment but more often than not, if you need to chat first — email.  If that doesn’t work, and I’m working with an assistant at that time — they can answer your questions. As mentioned, most everything you will want to know can be found on this web site or on the Internet and I generally expect payment first (which I can refund) so I know you’re serious in getting a session with me. Back to FAQ

OTHER Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When do you provide consultations?
A. My reading days and times are Tuesdays to Thursdays 12-8pm EST. In unusual circumstances, I read outside of these times and days.

Q. Do you provide in-person readings?
A. I do not provide in-person private readings anymore; however, I do offer in-person event style readings for four or more guests. Over the years, I found that your body language, facial expressions and reactions, and how you look got in the way of providing a very accurate and pure read for an extended period of time. I can offer quick readings in-person but they are usually of the light variety. Serious consultations are best provided in the comfort of my own space. In addition, I’m very empathic and psychic — extremely sensitive to the point that I only need hear voice from time-to-time letting me know if I’m on the right path or not (since I’m not 100% accurate and need to know when I have veered off into some other psychic space). Of course, I do like to dialogue as that’s a way to get the most of your session.

Q. How do I know you are available? I don’t want to make a payment and then find out you are unavailable.
A. I have set up a twitter account to inform you about my schedule as well as offer some words of occult wisdom now and then. You can set up an account and lock your tweets so I don’t see them. I will not view the tweets of followers as I will not follow you back. But you also DON’T need to follow me. This account is set up for information purposes only, just click the link to see that I’m still around and doing readings if you’re concerned about that. If there is an unusual situation that I can’t do your reading, I’ll refund your payment or Paypal will (if paying through that secure method).

Q. I’m a first time client and I don’t know what service to choose.
A. I strongly suggest first time clients choose The Kitchen Sink Reading. This reading has everything in it and through working with your questions and interacting with you, I’ll be better able to suggest other services from there, should you desire.

Q. I haven’t had a session with you in awhile (3+ months) and I have new things that I wish to receive insight on.
A. If you have new things to talk about, I suggest choosing The Kitchen Sink Reading. If you want to re-visit past topics, please email me so we can set up a time to talk about which consultation series would best suit your needs. If it’s been more than 18 months since your last appointment, I’ll consider you a first-time client as I’ll be redoing your charts and such.

Q. How many sessions will I need to book?
A. If you want a thorough assessment about your challenges, dreams, and whatever you’ve come to resolve as a new client, you’re looking at having at least three full length sessions. Then after we’ve covered a lot of ground, you can set up a Booster Shot session going over what we have talked about in the past. And/or you can sign up to a new service such as how to read your own cards, chart, or go deeply into your psyche to resolve long-standing problems (psychological or otherwise).

Q. How do I make an appointment?
A. You can 1. check my schedule or just email me after payment, 2. Select a session below, 3. Make payment, 4. During payment there should be a spot for a message to me. Please CHOOSE 3 days / times, Tuesday to Thursday 12-8pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) within a one to two week period.  If you don’t see a spot to write out the times / days you want an appointment, please email me that information after payment has been made.

Q. How can I make payment?
A. Payment is accepted by credit card, Interac, in-bank deposit, cash* or cheque*. *Available to existing clients only. Please add $5.00 to your session fee. Please see information about Interac and Cash payment.

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