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Abella Reads TarotCertified Professional Tarot Reader, Palmist, Face Reader, Numerologist, Special Event Astrologist, Clairsentient, Telepath, Meditator, Chakra Balancer, Crystal Magic Guide, & Colour Therapist, Life & Business Coach, and more (see below).

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The Tarot is a collection of cards which contain an allegory / story of life milestones, mystical experience, archetypes, and more. Some Tarot decks have picture stories on all cards while others only have symbols similar to playing cards. In fact, many say that Tarot originates from games that used a playing deck. Tarot has it’s physical origins and/or popularity in the Renaissance period (1400-1500’s) and it re-emerged in popularity in the late 1800’s and into the 1900’s. Tarot is still wildly popular in the modern person’s mind. When someone thinks of a Fortune Teller this is one of the tools that comes to mind of an old Gypsy lady reading the future. Tarot is useful for telling the story of a guests life from past, present, and future as well as past lives. TOP


Have you ever wondered what your mission was in life? Numerology uses a guests birth date and/or name to divine all sorts of things such as career path, how you love and live, personality traits & behaviours, a past life, and why you were born. There are many forms of numerology from different parts of the world. Pythagoras brought numerology to the western world. TOP


Did you know there were more than eight different astrologies like Chinese, Western, Arabic, Vedic, and Celtic? Astrology is most used in an event setting as a tool to analyze character and personality traits, advising on suitable careers, and best love matches just by knowing a guest’s zodiac sun sign. However, some readers are able to either print up a full report or use a computer to delve more deeply into the area of guest interest. TOP



Have you ever had someone really “look” at you and then you felt understood? Perhaps they were giving you a Face Reading. When we read a face we are looking for markings and features rather than expressions and movement. Face reading is different from body language. Your face is more like a map in that it tells us where you have been, where you are, and where you are going. It is most often used for personality readings; however, it can look at the energies and behaviours brought to situations, interests, and life events as well. Face reading originates in China, as many divination tools have! TOP


A medium mainly connects with passed over loved ones. They can also connect with spirit guides, angels, and other entities beyond the veil to help a guest with a problem or issue. A psychic is not necessarily a medium and this is an important thing to know as there’s often confusion about this. A medium’s purpose is to confirm that there is life beyond the world we live in. TOP


What colour is your top or shirt today? The colours you wear tell a lot about how you are feeling today or in general. For example Pink can signify the desire to be loved while blue can say “I need a rest”, “I want to tone down my excitable energy”, or maybe “I’m feeling unhappy”. A colour therapist is able to help a guest choose colours for their clothing and environment that improve their love life, health, career, financial condition, learning ability, etc.. TOP


Every gesture and movement of your body has meaning and your body is speaking all the time. Body language lets us know all sorts of things about you like whether you are happy, sad, indifferent, skeptical, open, closed, bored, uncomfortable, fearful, etc.. Many readers understand body language as we tend to be very strong observers of the human condition. Reading body language helps us build rapport with others and get into their space so that the reading can be a stronger impact. TOP


Cartomancy is similar to Tarot in that a) it uses cards and b) it’s the minor or 56 card section of the Tarot. When someone thinks of a Fortune Teller this is one of the tools that comes to mind of an old Gypsy lady reading the future. Cartomancy usually uses a normal playing deck with the symbols of hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades; numbers, three court cards, and a Joker. There are no pictures on the cards except for the Joker. TOP


Palm ReadingPalmistry looks at your guests whole hand or hands — palm, fingers, fingerprints, markings, etc.. When someone thinks of a Fortune Teller this is one of the tools that comes to mind of an old Gypsy lady reading the future. Often the first place a palm reader will go to speak of babies, marriage, life, health, and career is to the hand. However, as with every tool palmistry to speak of a guests character, personality, behaviour, love life, career, finances, etc.. in the past, present, and/or future. TOP


Crystals and gems from the earth are quite magical. Crystals and gems have certain metaphysical properties related to the human condition and experience. In crystal magic a number of stones can be tossed about and the guest can be told about an area of life that needs improving and how to go about improving it. TOP


Did anyone you knew ever try to find out if someone was going to have a boy or a girl with a needle and a string? They were divining the answer through a pendulum which uses the reader’s intuition and subconscious to access the answer. A pendulum is a weighted object usually made of metal, crystal, or wood that is attached to a string usually made of cloth or metal. The pendulum will swing in various directions which is often used to answer close ended questions. TOP


Spiritual readings are similar to mediumship readings but can also include counseling guests on enjoying their life more or healing guests through various practices such as Buddhism, meditation, Reiki, medical intuition, and other methods. Spiritual readings can also use ancient wisdom tools to help guests find their higher self. TOP


This is the art of reading minds. Some readers see your thoughts while others can hear or know your thoughts. It’s very similar to psychic ability but not exactly the same. Two Duke University researchers tested ESP scientifically by using the Zener cards they created. J.B. Rhine said that ESP is “an actual and demonstrable occurrence.” Although the Skeptic’s disagree, they have wrote a wonderful article on the ESP tests. Ryan & Abella are strongly telepathic as much as they are psychic! TOP

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