For many, having an On Demand Psychic reading is important.

Time Sensitive

If you need an answer by a certain time (rather than just being anxious about what is to come) or you need direction on an issue right away, then Psychic Jucy is often able to help out within a three day time period (sometimes, same day).  Having said that, her goal is not to be a magic eight ball or to assist people in emotional crisis when they are too vulnerable and easily influenced.  While she discourages this kind of on-demand call she will still welcome you.  Ultimately, however, Abella’ goal is to get people to a place where there is no crisis or wanting in their life. 

If she’s able to address a time-sensitive issue, we will book the remaining part of your session at a later date (within 1 to 2 weeks, which is how long a regular appointment takes).  It’s also more expensive to reach her that way OR 15 minutes can be subtracted from the session and the response for the time-sensitive question can be given by email as well. 

To address the need for on-demand readings, Jucy has created a number of options which she hopes suit you:

  1. Become a Jucy Lite 0r Extra Jucy Member and get your more flexibility in when you receive your reading.
  2. Book an appointment within the standard 1-2 week period and get your time sensitive question answered right away with the rest of your reading delayed until the booked time.
  3. Use a third party system (such as below).

About Third Party Phone Systems

  • They are generally more expensive than booking directly with me.
  • Abella pays a very large fee to these organizations for their marketing efforts and often earns less than if you were to pay her directly.
  • Fees are based on quite often “short” reads and are also reflective of how much is taken to pay the third party fees.
  • Abella will earn no more than $2.25 a minute.  So even if you see $4.25 a minute, she will only earn a maximum of $2.25 a minute.  This is why we encourage direct payment through Paypal or Interac Email Money transfer by booking through us.
  • You do get to have complete anonymity.  I won’t know your email address or anything unless you give it to me.
  • Payment is often made in American dollars through your credit card.
  • You can leave immediate feedback and read feedback given from other seekers.
  • You can be sure third party Feedback is genuine; however, I want to assure you that ANY feedback you see on Abella’s websites are genuine.
  • There is not the same range of service available.  I can give a psychic reading using my tools and I might be able to do psychic life coaching; however, other services such as “past life recall” require more advanced preparation.

Third Party Live Phone System Options

 LiLive Phone System

OnDemand Readings

If the button says Schedule Appointment, please either schedule an appointment on this site, request a time sensitive reading, or come again. Please know that I’m not often logged on to this system so your chances of getting me here are slim, that and it’s more expensive to reach me this way.

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