I love you! You heard me right.  I love you!

I want your life to be amazing and because I understand that not everyone can even afford to pay my fees (though I have a sliding scale for those in financial distress) nor want to if they could (for various reasons) this section has been especially created for you, my soul friend!

My purpose in life is to inspire, educate, and enlighten through communication, expression, warmth, and amusement.  My title of choice is Wisdom Guide.  Not only do I want to impart the wisdom I have collected through experience, the masters, and the universal mind but also to help you find your own innate wisdom.

So check out your sun sign, listen to some meditative and calming music, find out about one of your gifts and what you are meant to do in your lifetime, or get a psychic phone reading — all for free.  Please also join the non-spam, private newsletter (below) to be alerted of free opportunities (such as psychic reading days) and wisdom info. 🙂


Abella Arthur CPTR 

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