“[I’ve] come a long way baby!”

My life hasn’t been easy; in fact it still isn’t smooth sailing.  My golden ticket won’t come in until 2012; however, in the interim, I’m not waiting around for my life to be extra golden.  I’m doing all I can to be all I can be today. Below are some stories that will highlight where I have been, where I am, and where I want to go — ever the optimist!

Reading People: Shy Girl with a Hot Personality

Reader Difference: What’s So Special About Abella?

My Career Journey: Corporate Star to Entrepreneur

Failed Businesses: Struggling Artist to Rock Star Reader

Reading People: Shy Girl with a Hot Personality

As a third generation psychic I didn’t think twice about what it was that my family or myself did other than wondering if I was adopted. It was a natural everyday thing to do and in our case not for money.

My mother and sister experienced, explored, and talked about their psychic experiences and used the Tarot.  And I recently learned that my grandmother was a Tea Leaf Reader.  I experienced it too but in large part was quite private and closed on the subject.

I used to think they were a bit crazy and I wondered if I was adopted because I was and still am a skeptical, logical, and analytical person (even though I had odd experiences too). I didn’t really understand the spiritual world nor did I want to.

But there came a day in 1996 when I found myself being a bit self conscious and lacking confidence. I was 26. Although I was outgoing and friendly, I was shy and I thought about how to overcome this in social situations so I decided to take up Tarot reading. It was never to read my own past, present, or future but rather a gateway to connecting with others. Hey, people love talking about themselves or having someone else talk about them!

Interestingly enough, at the time I didn’t remember or acknowledge my sister and mother’s use of the cards. And later I wondered why they never suggested I learn the cards myself (hey, probably because I wouldn’t of been open to it) but that’s just how it goes. Things happen when they need to happen.

As I used and developed my knowledge and skill of Tarot, I enjoyed hosting many Tarot parties for co-workers, friends and family and many individual readings for the same people. As with most things with me, when I am interested in something I have a healthy obsession with it. I learn all I can and practice as much as possible.

I found people offering me money for their reading but I always turned it down saying “I can’t take your money; this is a spiritual thing”.

With all the lovely feedback I realized I was pretty good at reading people, situations, and events and was constantly asked out to parties and to read for people. My confidence grew and the goal was achieved.

Today, I wouldn’t say I’m shy anymore and I have an inner confidence that shines brightly. Through Divine Class, 3 of Cups, and this website it’s my hope to help you jumpstart the star that you are! Back to Top

My Career Journey: From Corporate Star to Entrepreneur

A personal Story by Abella Arthur

I started all this out of a desire to fulfil a lifelong mission: To provide meaningful, inspiring, quality-filled, and productive services and information to those who want a better life and/or business.

In 2001 I left a lucrative and respectable position in a company that I worked at for 5 years.

On Sunday nights I couldn’t wait until it was Friday night and I was frequently ill. Imagine that. I was wishing for 5 days out of the week to be over and done with just so I could have 2 days to live my life. Instead of having 365 days a year of life, I was having 104 — almost a third of my life was wished away.

So I resigned but with that I was offered more money and a promotion. Even though I had taken a lot of time off for illness, I had already established myself as a star. I knew that if I didn’t get out then, I would likely never get out. So I left.

I left to a fiance that wanted me to continue to work at that job and who didn’t want me to pursue higher education, so he left me for that and a number of other reasons (thankfully), and I was stranded with no job and an impending move.

I took some time to think about what I wanted to do and since I always had a passion for technology and design (something that I could do from home, so I could enjoy a flexible working life and the ability to heal) I decided to become a certified Web Designer.

At that time I didn’t know about professional coaching and since I have been highly suited to it all my life, it’s unfortunate that I didn’t study to become a coach. Or is it? I have this belief that everything happens for a reason and whatever is at your doorstep, including this Web site, is happening for a reason. So it was as it should of been. I didn’t waste time; I got a life. (update: I’m now glad I didn’t get a coaching certificate because I found my calling as a psychic who uses coaching skills! So I am now in the possession of a CPTR — Certified Professional Tarot Reader certificate.)

Ever since I was a child I wanted to be a marketer. The reason I wanted this was to help people bring themselves forward in the world and show everyone what they had going on. I ended up taking small business management instead because it encompassed a large variety of skills, including marketing, but I knew I wouldn’t run my own business until well into my 30’s.

I thought of running a resume/temporary agency service for immigrants and the ability challenged when I was 21, that never ended up happening.  I just figured people wouldn’t take a young adult seriously, that I would be labeled and judged as incapable because of my age, how I looked, and what I said, and that I didn’t have any “skill” to speak of. That did happen and now I’m in the process, through all this, of helping people (including yourself or your clients) see that there is more than meets the eye through positive visualization. A mindlogo and/or psychic session helps people see you for who you really are. For who you really know you are.

Not only did I want to be a small business owner who focused on marketing, but I played with art and was drawing my family to show them things they couldn’t see in themselves — things I saw. Art, social justice, and business was a huge part of my life since I was a young child. And I took courses that reflected these desires: small business, management, career and work counseling, web design, and fine art courses.

In my mid twenties I picked up some courses in the first Career and Work counseling program at George Brown College but I found that it didn’t get to the practical and fun stuff quick enough so I left to pursue corporate management work. As if corporate management was fun and enjoyable. 😉 But it was because I had the opportunity to motivate, train, and coach a large group of people and I got to see immediate results.

When I got older I wanted to become a therapist or a motivational speaker (oh, who am I kidding — I wanted to become a number of things and that’s still written on my hand today). I struggled to rise up and I wanted to teach others what I knew and how I managed. Although my friends and family thought I would be great at that, since I was helping everyone with anything from relationship problems to conflicts at work, they started to tell me I was more of a philosopher. And I found that to be a healthier transition anyway.

Since I could remember I thought people could objectively “think” their way out of emotional problems. That they were the only ones who could rise out of their situation. But traditional therapy looks at people as unhealthy and thus a victim to their circumstance. I started to see something different.

So I researched philosophy but then I came back to what I do and know best, which is communication. I have been studying communication since my early twenties. I found that the root cause of unhappiness was an inability to speak to yourself, and in turn with others, in positive ways. I wanted to help people be happy so I started reading anything about communication that I could get my hands on to verbalize and confirm what I had going on in my head.

Now I’m using paranormal tools to help you communicate with yourself and in turn with others.

What is here, was here all along and sometimes it’s hard to see what comes naturally to us. Sometimes we discount things that we enjoy as not something that we can actually earn a living doing — nothing could be furthest from the truth. all this addresses this short-changing issue.

But before I came to this revelation, I had a tough time with my previous business in Web design. I couldn’t come up with a mission statement and when I did, it was never quite right. I think I went through twenty mission statements before I decided to learn all I could about values, missions, and visions.

When I finally came up with my mission in life: To provide meaningful, inspiring, quality-filled, and productive services and information to those who want a better life and/or business — I realized that consumers of Web sites were not really interested in what I had to offer and I didn’t want to offer them what they wanted.

(Update: My overall life mission is now more clearly defined as: To provide positive, authentic, and enthusiastic services and products that inspire and motivate others to express and communicate positive, productive, and meaningful words and actions towards themselves and the people and issues they care about.

Reading mission: To deliver readings which lead to a better understanding of self, others, situations, and events in the past, present, and/or future.

Entertainment mission: To deliver what guests and organizers want in V.I.P. psychic (fortune telling, reader, etc.) event entertainment. )

At that point, I started working with friends and family to discover their purpose in life. I did this without the idea of doing it as a business. After I helped myself, I wanted to help everyone else that was struggling with defining their life.

Two years later, I find myself one day working with a very visually oriented person who couldn’t remember their “values, mission, and vision” mantra that we devised together, so I created a symbolic visual collage to visually re-inforce it. Since it was often in sight, it was often in mind.

When I received rave reviews for what I had done for them, I decided “this is it!”. This is what I’m meant to do. This is what I was meant to do all along but it took 30 something hard years of intense soul searching to figure it all out.

(update: While I’m still meant to help people and businesses develop their brand, it’s not where people see me even though I do a great job of it! *smile*)

I have since then added a bevy of psychic services which are people-focused (one of my values) through conversations.

Through research about coaching, I have found that most coaches have vibrant, robust, and authentic lives where they have held a number of different positions, educational training, and personal interests. I’m no different. We help you find your life!

I welcome you to all this — my home — and hard earned wisdom and I hope to jump start your path and to see your rising star going forward. Your invitation is here, please rsvp. Back to Top

Failed Businesses: Struggling Artist to Rock Star Reader

Dec 2006

Starting a reading business was a surprise to me as I sort of fell into it.

Self employment had always been an interest of mine and I took post secondary programs that reflected that desire.

Since the early 90’s I tried to develop different businesses with various levels of success but not enough financial success to continue moving forward.

Some of the businesses I attempted to nurture (part time and full time) were a resume service, life training, greeting card, web design / development, coaching, & a branding business. (communication and promotion through creativity)

The talent was there but the demand wasn’t. I even became a certified Web designer and created several sites over a two year period but the money wasn’t there and the projects were long and tedious. And I was getting into debt fast.

However, as one can read, I don’t give up easily. I keep trying and looking at different angles to approach the same task and in this case the task was to have a successful business.

So I took the time to read up on various trends and business approaches and decided to try my hand at life/business coaching (which was/is experiencing a boom) and personal / business branding.

Unfortunately that wasn’t bringing in enough income fast enough to pay the bills and thankfully Coach Michael helped me see the light.

We were working on the pie and I realized that my financial situation was pretty much at 0% — I wasn’t earning anything that I could keep to pay the bills so he basically said that I needed to take care of that part of the pie asap. He asked what I knew how to do which could get me an income right away.

I thought about it. I did telemarketing and cashier work successfully and there was high turnover yet I really felt like I couldn’t last more than a week at either of those jobs. So it was NOT an option.

That’s when I took a look at my library to see what I might want to do that was connected to coaching and jumpstarting other people’s stars (cheerleading others to success) but was a bit more mysterious. (I discovered a year earlier that there is money in mystery)

My Tarot, palm, and astrology books and cards jumped out at me. I felt a bit strange. It was just a hobby but one that I was passionate about for almost a decade.

Now while it was a hobby, I did end up (over the years) doing a favour for people and took some payment for my hobby talent. For example, I did a Halloween corporate party for a friend who was an executive manager. I was paid $50 for 5 hours of readings plus shared in the meal!! lol There was great response which lead to a co-worker requesting I do another gig at the company — 3 hours for $200 (still on the scant side) but my heart wasn’t in it at the time because I was focused on Web design so I didn’t take her up on the offer!! And I also did do some other paid private readings but barely charged anything. Basically I wasn’t serious about making a living reading and it wasn’t the right time either.

Anyway, after looking at my esoteric books I decided my strongest and longest tool used was Tarot and I would focus on that. I still grappled with the spiritual aspect, “It’s not right to charge money for this service” but then I got over it when the other option was slinging burgers, selling stuff over the phone, or pouring coffee.

I said to myself: “I have a talent. A talent that will help people. Everyone needs to make a living and if I’m slinging burgers, I don’t have any free time to help people. I will be exhausted from that work. So what’s the problem??”.

I made a change of plans and started to focus on my Tarot reading as a business. I kept the Mindlogos site and just added Tarot as an option; however, that didn’t inspire people to get readings from me though so I decided to separate and target my different offerings into different sites.

That was about two years ago (time of writing this article, 2006) and I have been reading for individuals, at special events, and teaching others what I do and I’m doing it successfully day in and day out.

In time I added astrology, numerology, and palm as part of my services as well as becoming a CPTR — Certified Professional Tarot Reader. I’m also working towards adding handwriting analysis to my services and this satisfies my need for variety, learning, and my healthy obsession for reading.

It’s been said that highly successful business people have had big business failures in their life before they make a hit and sometimes highly successful business people make it big, fall, but then rise again.

I’m one of those people and I’m very glad I have the opportunity to use my experience, skills, education, and knowledge to read for you while making a positive and productive difference in your private and work life. Sometimes falling into something is the best thing that can happen!
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Reader Difference: What’s So Special About Abella?

April 2007

Have you ever got a psychic reading and wanted more? I did.

Long before I became a professional psychic reader, I went to psychics myself. Although one of my favourite psychics was quite accurate I always left wanting.

What I wanted is what I now offer. A session with me can consist of a variety of approaches: reading (tells), coaching (asks), counseling (heals), consulting (advises), exploring (discovers), and guiding (teaches). In this way and others, I’m very different from your average psychic reader who just tells you things.

I found being “told” things was limiting. I never left hopeful, inspired, or renewed. Sure, I got what I paid for and the psychics were good but I was always searching.

So I’m here in ways you probably haven’t imagined or only hoped for.

I won’t tell you want you want to hear, I will tell you what you are meant to hear. I rarely coddle or babysit. I work for mature strong women of character and integrity who can “take it like a man” *wink*and if you want to be one of these strong women, I can help you get there too. But you need to want it; I don’t forcefeed. Having said that, I’m not mean. I’m friendly yet strong with lots of opinion AND insight. I’m a blend of the spiritual and rational.

Have you figured out that I’m not just a reader or a psychic? Although I use the term readings, I’m actually in session with my partner (you). Readings are about half of the session with the other half being about YOU, my favourite subject. And I’m much more than a psychic, some would call me a Wisdom Guide.

Also I might tell you things your ego won’t like but if you are open you will come out of a session feeling refreshed, empowered, and positive. If you shed a tear, that will be a great thing. If your smiling from ear to ear — yay!! If you get angry at me or offended, that’s good too. Don’t deny it; explore it. If I can emotionally spark a productive and happier future, I’m up for that.

It’s really up to you. Are you ready for something a bit different?

What makes my readings so special and different from the norm?

Well, I use a number of modalities and techniques to help seekers.

I use the 3 C’s of communication: Consult, Coach, and Counsel. I also use a number of divinatory technques which include: Tarot, numerology, and astrology with intermediate to advanced applications. In addition to that, with personality testing I can help people find the most suitable work and communication methods.

My psychic abilities include (in order of current strength): claisentience, claircognizance, telepathy, clairaugustance, clairvoyance, and clairaudience. With the use of Tarot and my psychic abilities I can also pass on messages from those that have passed over. Essentially I’m a medium; however, I use methods that are less “scary” to my person, if you will, to communicate.

My mother and sister are psychic too and I grew up in a psychic and mystical world. My heritage is also quite mystical. I have been formally learning Tarot and astrology since 1996 and added numerology in 2000. I’m constantly evolving and studying.

I’m here, doing what I love to do, to help you express and communicate positive, productive, and meaningful words and actions towards yourself and the people and issues you care about. I do this by being positive, enthusiastic, and authentic so that I might inspire and motivate you.

This is my life path, mission, and destiny in life. This, reading for others, is what I am meant to do at this current time. But I’m meant to do it in unique and innovative ways.

For example: I rarely use traditional card layouts; I shuffle the cards, I ask seekers to draw up a list of questions so we can hone in and focus on specifics rather than a whole bunch of general things; for serious seekers and serious issues, I offer long term sessions which are goal oriented; I incorporate methods of consulting, counseling, and coaching and focus on the seeker ultimately manifesting their own goals and dreams; I don’t usually like referrals, and I’m coming from a business and career advising background; however, I also specialize in relationships and communications.

That’s just a snippet of what I do differently. So the most important thing for the seeker to understand when choosing a reading with me is this: yes, I do gain information that is beyond myself and I read differently than others so being openminded is a preresequite to receiving a meaningful reading.

My values are: authenticity, knowledge, integrity, creating, having fun, originality, quality, professionalism, passion, productivity, efficiency, and being people-focused.

Forms of Communication & Reading Opportunities

I read for people all over the world. Through the Internet, phone, and in-person. The phone is the most preferred method and I can sometimes I can be caught to do an in-person reading; however, distance, time, and money have a lot to do with whether that happens or not.

Whether it’s one question or several questions, specifically themed questions, or a longer term in-person sessions you seek, there’s a reading option for you.

There are a number of sessions offered:

Reading Areas

Warning I’m not a miracle worker or licensed, and seekers do need to be actively a part of the process.
“Understand the past, Realize the present, and Manifest the future.” Abella Arthur

Career, Work, & Business
Discovery the most suitable career for you. Resolve workplace issues and concerns. Solve business and career problems. Gain insight and information for help making decisions. Find options and choices you may not of thought of before. Discuss issues with co-workers, bosses, clients, and your company to create a more harmonious and balanced workspace.

To note, I have taken courses in Career and Work Counselling, small business management, I was a People Manager, Trainer in a corporate Environment, and I’m a life/business coach.

Self-employment: Explore what you are good at, what you know, what is hard for you to do, what you want to do, what you should be doing, and why you are doing it! Gain insights in marketing, selling, and visioning the future.

Love & Relationships
Find new love and true love, whether that be with your present, past, and/or future partner. I can not work miracles but I can see what’s going on around the issue and give solid insights and advice without moralizing.

Discuss the joys and heartaches of dating. We will look at the past, present, and future to help you find the “one”. Whether that has to do with creating a great ad that attracts your ideal partner, figuring out who your ideal partner is, finding out why your dating efforts are not working out, and much more — you will receive insights, guidance, and creative solutions.

Learn about friends and family. In-laws, parents, children, spouse, and other loved ones. The dynamics of relationships can be overwhelming sometimes and I’m here to help navigate difficult issues and help you find clarity, focus, and/or direction.

Finances and Wealth
Ask questions about: Where can I find money? How do I attract money? What does the financial future look like? What will happen if I do x,y, or z?

Health & Well-being

With the assistance of Tarot, psychic ability, and specialized health spreads I can help you with your health and well-being.


Please know that I’m not a medical professional, I did not study science or medicine (alternative or traditional), and I’m not licenced to give advice or treatment for medical conditions though I will often offer suggestions for you to review and decide on your own.

With that said, I can tell you what I saw in the past, what I see in the present, and some thoughts to consider about what may happen in the future and how to improve or stabilize your health and well-being.

I DO NOT predict death or major illness. I give thoughts to think about in relationship to your health and well-being.

If anything I say worries you, check with your doctor. Your doctor can and will know more than this reading! Listen to them first and foremost before a reading.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could throw out some ideas and see what would happen before you actually “made any decisions”? How about coming up with some ideas for a new way of approaching something? I can help!

Life path & Destiny
Find out where your true path is and how to manifest and bring it to life!

Get the difference and book a reading.

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